Merit Badge University 2016 @ Harvard (Session 1 of 2)

Merit Badge University 2016 @ Harvard (Session 1 of 2)
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Birthdate must be between 3/6/1998 and 9/5/2005
33 Quincy Street
Cambridge, MA 02139, US
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Merit Badge University

The Harvard College Friends of Scouting in conjunction with Spirit of Adventure (formerly Boston Minuteman) Council presents Merit Badge University (MBU) 2016.  Merit Badges (MBs) are an important part of the Boy Scout Program.  At MBU, Scouts may earn up to three MBs that are not typically available in a camp or troop setting.

When: Saturday, March 5 (8 AM - 1 PM) & Saturday, April 9 (9 AM - 1 PM) - Both sessions are required. Some badges have a field trip on an intervening Saturday or Sunday.  Registering for session one automatically registers you for the same merit badges in session two.  No separate registration is needed for session two.

What: An opportunity to earn three (non-Eagle required) merit badges while attending classes at Harvard University.  For some MBs, some requirements must be done prior to the first Saturday session. (Counselors will correspond with Scouts by the end of February with this information.) To complete some merit badges, other work will need to be done between the first and second session and emailed to the counselor.

Except for those with special notes, all MBs will be offered at all three times:
9 AM - 1010 AM; 1025 AM - 1135 AM; 1150 AM - 1 PM.
Merit Badge offerings for 2016

American Cultures




* Public Health

American Heritage


Entrepreneurship (12)


Pulp & Paper 

Architecture (13)


Geology (12)


** Robotics (13)

* Astronomy (12)


# Insect Study (12)


Scouting Heritage





Search & Rescue (13) 

Chemistry (12)


Medicine (12)


Space Exploration (12)





Traffic Safety

Crime Prevention




Truck Transportation

### Digital Technology





Disabilities Awareness


## Programming



BOLD = New this year

(0)       = Minimum Age

* = Astronomy and Public Health will be offered from 9 AM-1055 AM and 1105 AM-100 PM. Scouts who take one of them will be able to take only one other MB at 1150AM-1PM and 900AM-1010AM, respectively.

** = Robotics will be offered from 9AM-1PM. Scouts who take it will not be able to take any other MBs at MBU. There is an additional (required) session on Saturday, March 12. 

#   = Insect Study is difficult to complete by 4/9.  The counselor will remain available to counsel Scouts until August 31, 2016.

## = For Programming, in addition to the two sessions on 3/5 and 4/9, counselors will be conducting one-on-one workshops in a local University's computer lab on March 12 and April 2 where help will be offered on requirement 5. Each Scout needs to attend one of these 'drop-in' sessions between 9am and 4 pm.  Attendance is required.  Also, each Scout MUST bring to the first session on 3/5 evidence of completion (after 4/12/15) of requirement 1a -Show your counselor your up-to-date CyberChip Card (appropriate for your school grade.)

### = For Digital Technology, each Scout MUST bring to the first session on 3/5 evidence of completion (after 4/12/15) of requirement 1a -Show your counselor your up-to-date CyberChip Card (appropriate for your school grade.)

Who: Any Boy Scout (with the approval of his Scoutmaster.)  Scouts taking some MBs must be older.

How: Registration opens at 12:01AM on Saturday, January 23.

Where: Classes will be conducted in classroom buildings in Harvard Yard and at the Science Center. On-site check-in begins at 8 AM on Saturday, March 5.

When you sign up here, you are automatically signed up for Session 2 on April 9. There is no need to sign up for session 2 separately.

It is the policy of the Spirit of Adventure Council, BSA that no Scout will be denied the opportunity to participate in the program for financial reasons. If a Scout in your Troop or family meets this criteria, please contact us at before registering.

revised 3/18/16

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$40.00 per Participant
Cancellation Policy
Refunds will be made for cancellations received by 2/5/16